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The Incredible Shrinking Man

I can’t tell you how many times I saw “The Incredible Shrinking Man” on television as a kid, but it was a lot.  This film is emblazoned on my childhood.

Oddly, it gets very little respect.  It wasn’t a huge hit, and took a few re-releases to make a profit.  It had no real stars.  The lead, Grant Williams, went straight from this film to a decades-long television career playing bit parts in episodes of “The Munsters”, “Bonanza”, and “Perry Mason.”

Anatomy of a Murder

Courtroom dramas are about as frequent as starcrossed lover romance films, but we know how the romance films usually end. 

We sometimes know, or hope we know, how the courtroom drama will end.  

The test of a good movie, especially a courtroom one, is in the rewatching.  When you already know the ending, do you want to see it again.