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John Carpenter


I never understood why this film never really found an audience.  It’s classic Stephen King directed by classic John Carpenter.  King’s narrative of the teen nerd no one likes supernaturally striking back against his bullies is straight out of “Carrie.”  John Carpenter’s style of pure evil without rhyme or reason is straight out of “Halloween.” 

Somehow, it didn’t mix.  Slasher films made Carrie and Halloween tame by 1983, and for an R-rated horror movie, this isn’t very extreme.


In the seventies, mainstream horror movies were more supernatural than slasher movies.  From “The Exorcist” to “The Omen” to “Carrie”, it too devils and demons to be scary enough for Hollywood to invest serious money into the genre.  The “escaped lunatic” with a knife wasn’t enough.   Films like that were relegated to the independent, low-budget filmmakers to spend a few hundred thousand dollars and hope to make it back in drive-ins and such.