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The early 1990s were a good time to do husband and wife thrillers, and “Malice” is just about the best. Coming of his hit play-turned-movie “A Few Good Men”, Aaron Sorkin pens this story of intrigue, after which he veered off into politics with “The American President”, “The West Wing” and “Charlie Wilson’s War.”

Jaws 2

Jaws is generally recognized as an amazing film that basically created the summer blockbuster movie model.  Summertime was not traditionally the time for audiences to stay indoors to watch movies, and Jaws changed that.

The Jaws sequels don’t have any positive reputation at all.  Jaws 3 was in 3d, a fad that died a pretty horrible death in the 80s, and Jaws 4 was reviewed as one of the worst movies in memory.  But that leaves Jaws 2 as kind of a middle child that got lost in a shuffle.  Not fair.

Dirty Harry

“Dirty Harry” was one of those movies that was almost never made.  Actors turned down the part.  Studios turned down the script.  It morphed from a story about a New York cop chasing a serial killer who is eventually shot by Marines, not by Dirty Harry.  Then it was moved to Seattle.